What They Say About Harvey L. Bilker

“…a highly practical guide to becoming a freelance photojournalist.”—Publishers Weekly

“Some (dozens of books on Photojournalism) are so much gobbledygook. Recently I came across a book by Harvey L. Bilker…and selling for a modest $7.95 in paperback. I’m impressed. It’s like sitting on the front porch with Harvey as he spins his tale of how to succeed. His photo illustrations…bread-and-butter stuff…refreshing ……read this one.”—Associated Press

“Who is this Harvey Bilker, and where did he get all his energy? He’s the consummate freelancer…His advice is on target…I’m glad to see this book come along…Learn from this man’s hard work.”—News Photographer (the magazine of the National Press Photographers Association–for all newspaper and tv photojournalists).

“The best story is by Harvey and Audrey Bilker; it’s a biting prediction of what too many people and too few apartments will eventually mean.”—Library Journal, on the anthology, “Future City,” which includes their short story, “Apartment Hunting.” Other authors in the anthology include Dean R. Koonz (“Hideaway”), Frank Herbert (“Dune”) , Ray Russell (“The Fly”), Thomas N. Scortia (the movie “The Towering Inferno”), Robert Silverberg, and Harlan Ellison.

“The show topper (and show stopper it turned out) was ‘The Memory Machine,’ by Harvey Bilker. There are plenty of laughs in this tale of two slightly-cracked college research professors who invent a Rube Goldberg-type gadget and try it out on a not-so-bright student. Author, Bilker, shows a fine talent for funny dialogue and running laugh gimmicks. His talent is complemented by the hilarious performances of the cast…”—The Philadelphia Daily News

“…some valuable nuggets about mysteries and science fiction that shouldn’t go unnoticed.”—Books, KCCK-FM, Cedar Rapids-Iowa City

“…Bilker shows the aspiring newshound how to be ready to roll into the action quickly and how to cover the greatest possible variety of angles…With its wealth of first person experience, Photojournalism: A Freelancer’s Guide is essential reading for the would-be freelance news photographer.”—Photographer’s Market Newsletter, by the Editors of Photographer’s Market/Writer’s Digest.

“The Extras Are Extra,” a short story by Harvey & Audrey Bilker, adapted for the motion-picture screen. —Winner of the Houston International Film Festival (Sixteenth Annual Festival of the Americas) Bronze Award in Short-Subject.

“The clarity of the discussion throughout is admirable…the Bilkers have admirably packed a lot of information into a small compass for the beginner in the field…a first step for the fledgling writer…Libraries and individuals not owning (the s.f. books on writing by Ben Bova and L. Sprague deCamp)…may wish to begin with Bilker.”—Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review

“Adults (with a special interest in mystery writing) should turn to Harvey and Audrey Bilker’s new book, ‘Writing Mysteries That Sell.'”—Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

“Or the deadpan stuff the Realist has begun to use since they broke the s-f ice with Harvey Bilker’s ‘Genetic Faux Pas.'”—Judith Merril, Editor, THE YEAR’S BEST S-F

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